Sunday, September 30, 2012

Schooling Stress is Almost Non-Existent! Week 5

Oh, to feel the relief and happiness of being organized is amazing.  Last year, being my first year home schooling my kids,  I was anxious, stressed and run off my feet, trying to keep up with what was needed to get done.  The whole purpose of choosing the home schooling path, was to alleviate the anxiety and stress my son was having in a classroom setting for learning.
The whole first year,  wasn't a write off though.  I just caused myself all those feelings, which is normal for your first year of home schooling your children. My son was an A/B student, and my daughter expelled in places that I didn't even no she struggled with in a public classroom., still pulling off her A's/
So, with my knowledge from last year,  I made sure I was prepared this year to deal with the next 9 months. 
This last week,  we completed our first section in our Science program.  The kids wrote their first Grammar Test, which I neglected to tell them it was coming up (on purpose). I was tired on day, after being up so early to take hubby to the airport,  I napped while the kids did their Art and Health. With History, we got through another Chapter and broadened our minds. 
So last week accomplishments:

Science: We finished Chapter 5,  which completed our first section in Science, which was on Force. Before Friday,  we completed the section with learning about Density and Buoyancy, and Pressure.  On Friday the kids were able to do their Review/Quiz and received their Captain Code to unlock a game on the program.

History: The kids learnt about Sargon ( King of Ancient Mesopotamia). The kids learned what a dictatorship.  Also,  the country's name was changed to Akkadia. 

We also read the story, of Abraham and God,  and Joseph and his coat of many colors.  I teach my kids every aspect of history. Evolution, Christianity, etc.  And I tell them to make up their minds on what they believe.  I'm not closing the doors on any discussion on how the world came to be.

Math: I had the kids work on multiplication, division, fractions, and place values.  They are getting there with feeling comfortable with working with the factors 8 and 9, to the larger numbers.  And they are really grasping the fraction lessons we've been working on.

LA: On Monday, I surprised the kids with a test in grammar.  They didn't panic, which is what Champ used to do with tests.  When they were all done,  marks consisted of a 96% and a 94%.  I love it!!  We then started working with our new chapter in Grammar, which is Growing with Nouns. Also, we did some more writing practices.  We didn't work on poetry this last week. 

Health: The kids worked on a Balanced Lifestyle Assignment.  In Health,  we are teacher directed.  So the kids had to finish an assignment for September.  They talked about relaxation, revelation, nutrition, learning, physical activity, and hygiene.  It was pretty easy.  They're pretty well rounded in all these things, in our daily life.

Art: The kids finished their tree sketches, leaf rubbings, and leaf pattern art piece.  All they have left to do now is write a reflection on how they thought they did.

Phys. Ed: Champ has had Hockey.  Boo has had Ringette.  We've been doing Insanity.  And the kids have been biking and playing basketball outside.

Music:  The kids had their vocal lessons on Monday.  They practiced 4 days this week.  Boo practiced piano 4 times and Champ practiced guitar 4 times.

So that was our week that just went by.  Lets see what the next week brings us.

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  1. I have a great resource for you...its called Sacred Myths by Marilyn McFarlane. It includes stories from every faith. Great lessons to learn and the kids can take from it what they want.